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Health Savings Accounts

Enhance your Employee health benefits offering with PNC Health Savings Accounts

If your company already offers a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) or is thinking about switching to one, PNC Health Savings Accounts can help you offer the total package for your employees. A PNC Health Savings Account (HSA), combined with a high deductible health plan, can help your company share the high cost of healthcare with employees in a way that benefits everyone.

What matters the most

Employees strive for good health and wellness, but when the unexpected happens or an ongoing illness surfaces, they should be prepared financially to do what's best for their health. If you offer a High Deductible Health Plan, employees will benefit from it's lower premiums, but this also means they may need to be prepared financially to pay a higher deductible.

A PNC HSA is designed to help them save for qualified medical expenses on a tax-advantaged basis. It's easy - they contribute money saved on lower premiums to their HSA and that money has the potential to grow so they can more easily afford the deductible when needed.

Bottom-Line Benefits:

  • Attraction and retention of quality employees - healthcare benefits, such as an HSA, are a highly desirable component of an employee benefits package
  • Healthcare cost savings - for your company and your employees
  • Flexible contribution guidelines - you choose whether or not to contribute on your employees' behalf, how much and how often
  • Potential tax savings1
Employer Advantages
Employee Advantages

Minimal administration

A PNC representative can come to your workplace for HSA education and onsite enrollment

Multiple payroll contribution options

As the employer you decide which method is best for your business

  • Through your payroll provider
  • Web upload via our payroll portal
  • Data file


You have the ability to switch health insurance carriers without changing financial institutions

Cost savings

  • No setup fee or transaction fees
  • Ability to pay low monthly maintenance fee on behalf of the employee

Not available in all markets.

1. PNC does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Consult your tax advisor about tax benefits applicable to Health Savings Accounts.

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